Customers first, service supreme

As a technology service type of enterprise, Sinnet places customers' demands on an important position and adheres to the customer demand oriented management policy. Adhere to do more for our customers, continue to enhance customer satisfaction, guide customers to upgrade, and strive to provide customers with the most advanced and user-friendly products and services.

☆ Maintain the interests of customer:The interests of customers would be treated as Sinnet’s. Sinnet will provide high-quality products and services to ensure the continuous increase of customer’s business

☆ Respect the intention of customer: The wishes of customers would be the service orientation of Sinnet. Sinnet will considers the product and service configuration from the perspective of customer development to achieve personalization, specialization and added value of customer business.

☆ Meet the needs of customer:Sinnet continues to enrich products and services, to follow up and lead the development trend of Internet, to meet the needs of different customers to the maximum extent, constantly upgrading from the respects of hardware, software, personnel, etc.; the customer’s satisfaction is the highest praise for Sinnet.

Service concept

Make every effort to satisfy customers' needs

Sinnet has professional service staff who is responsible for pre-sales and after-sales service of various needs.

The operators of call center provide the customers with 7*24*365 hours of reception and service, and feedback the information at the first time.

Senior Network Engineers are on duty for 7*24*365 hours, and deal with the failure at the first time and provide professional consulting.

The professional receptionist is responsible for the verification of in and out IDC process.

7*24*365 service number:


7*24*365 service email:

[email protected]

Customer Announcement

Notification of the ICP record process

According to the Ministry of Information Industry Order No. 33, No. 34, and the request of the Ministry of Public Security 33, it is not allowed to engage in non-operational Internet information service in China without record. The ICP record shall be assisted by the Sinnet's record department. For the IP record, please register at, and contact the network security department of the branch office where the unit is located.
Due to the upgrading of the Ministry of Public Security record system, the unit that 
had obtained the registration number of the website of the Ministry of Public Security before April 2016 needs to re-submit the archival information through the above online record platform.


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