Value-added Services

Value-added service products are products that provide value-added services such as network security, data application and operation and maintenance to customers on the basis of basic business products. As a comprehensive Internet service providers, Sinnet provide diverse and personalized value-added services, including black hole sealing, flow cleaning, wavelength division line, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, intelligent disaster recovery, traffic monitoring, reverse DNS, meet and expand user requirements at all levels.

  • Black hole closure
  • Flow cleaning
  • Wavelength division line

Black hole closure

Black hole protection is coordinated by two systems: attack detection system and automatic protection system. The attack detection system consists of GENIE abnormal traffic monitoring equipment and independently-developed anomalous traffic detection system. The automatic protection system is linked with Beijing telecom/Unicom black hole shielding system. When the system detects attack, the attacked target address will be notified to Telecom/UNICOM through the automatic protection system. The anomalous traffic will be automatically black hole shielded in the upper operator, so that all the traffic of the attacked destination IP will be discarded Black hole protection is completed by two systems: attack detection system and automatic protection system. The attack detection system is made up of the GENIE abnormal traffic monitoring device and the company's self-developed anomaly traffic detection system. It carries out real-time detection and analysis of various traffic DDoS attacks, and detects the abnormal traffic attacks in the network in time. Automatic protection system links with Beijing telecom / Unicom black hole shielding system, detection system will inform telecom/Unicom through automatic protection system when it found the attack. Abnormal traffic will be automatically blocking by the black hole, because all the purpose of the visit was attacked IP traffic is discarded.


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