AWS Cloud Computing

AWS is amazon's cloud computing services platform, providing cloud infrastructure platforms and cloud computing solutions for companies around the world. In August 2016, Beijing Sinnet technology Co., Ltd. and Amazon technology services (Beijing) co., LTD. signed a operating agreement about Amazon authorized Sinnet provides and operates the Amazon’s cloud products and related services around Beijing area in China. The agreement is based on the Sinnet’s internet infrastructure around Beijing.

  • AWS China (Beijing) Region Operated by Sinnet
  • AWS Products in China
  • AWS (China) Accounts

AWS China (Beijing) Region Operated by Sinnet

The China (Beijing) Region is the first AWS Region that is located inside of China. AWS has partnered with Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd.(“Sinnet”) who is the independent service operator and provider for AWS China (Beijing) Region based out of Beijing and adjacent areas using AWS cloud technologies required to support AWS information technology services in China, which provides improved latencies for end users in China.

AWS services in China enable business to reduce up-front expenses, avoid long-term commitments, and manage the scaling challenges associated with maintaining and operating their own IT information technology services.

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