IDC Service

Sinnet has built high-quality neutral data centers based on carrier-class standards in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The data centers are interconnected and multi-line BGP connected with each other. Meanwhile, the power supply, air conditioning, fire control, monitoring, network security system all reach the highest levels of the industry. With maintenance and operation of professional tech-team, Sinnet fully satisfies the various types of customers' needs and gain the recognition and trust from the users.


  • Sinnet IDC advantages
  • High standard data center design

    T3+ data center design, shockproof cabinet, comfortable and spacious hosting space;

    High application modular design;

    Precision air conditioning system ensures constant temperature in the machine room;

  • Service management

    16 years IDC operation and management experience;

    ISO9001 and 2008 quality management system certification;

    7*24 hour customer service, engineer team 365 days equipment monitoring;

  • Multiple protection

    Equipped with high power UPS device and diesel generator as backup power support;

    Equipped the advanced smoking detection fire alarm system, using FM200 gas fire extinguishing equipment.

    The data center has environmental protection facilities such as dust proof, anti-static and so on.

  • 7*24 security guard

    The data center is 7*24 hour security guard duty.

    Double guarantee of access control system and fingerprint identification system;

    Strict machine room management system to ensure the safety of the managed equipment;

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