Sinnet has build AWS localization business support system

On June 20, 2019, the annual AWS technology summit is held at the Expo Center in Shanghai. As a service operator provider of AWS China (Beijing), Sinnet has participated in the meeting and made an important speech.

In the keynote speech of the summit, Mr. Yang, the president of the Sinnet, made a speech entitled "More technical input and building a localization service support system of AWS".

President Yang focused on the AWS localization business support system further built by Sinnet in the past year. As the AWS SOR, Sinnet operates AWS cloud services, promotes and sells AWS cloud products through the Sinnet cloud, provides value-added services such as training, technology and implementation through Light2cloud, the global premier consulting partner of AWS.

As AWS Beijing regional operator and strategic partner for many years, Sinnet has built a comprehensive support service system for AWS localization business.
Over the past year, Sinnet data centers have expanded further. According to the requirements of AWS, Sinnet has built a highly customized data center, covering an area of about 40,000 square meters in the operation and about 20,000 cabinets in the construction plan. This will fully meet the needs of AWS 'business development in China in the future.

In addition, the Sinnet also has a Beijing regional user exchange zone at the AWS technology summit to help users answer questions related to AWS China (Beijing) regional services. The service of AWS Beijing area is introduced to users from many aspects, such as user registration, product features, service system, basic setting and so on.
In the future, Sinnet will continue to build and improve the AWS localization service support system based on AWS technology.

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