The Sinnet and the China telecom shanghai co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On the 28 March 2019, Sinnet and China telecom shanghai co., Ltd.  signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Shanghai. Based on the principle of resource sharing, the two sides will establish a long-term, comprehensive cooperation in IDC construction and cloud network integration services in the future.
Through the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will further enhance their leading position in IDC and cloud market.

The President of Sinnet Yang yuhang and the deputy general manager of Shanghai telecom Chen zhihong signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides.
Both sides believe that through this cooperation, the two sides will be able to combine their advantageous resources, strengthen complementary advantages.
At the end of the meeting, the chairman of sinnet Geng diangen and the general manager of Shanghai telecom Ma yimin respectively made a summary speech. Both of them show great confidence in this cooperation and show great expectation for the cooperation of IDC and cloud network integration market in the future.

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